Miss You George

Three years ago today….. my heart broke…. yes I never knew the man personally, but I knew his story, I felt his emotion & his pain…. and his music knew me. I related so well to the “wild George” and having a thirst for alcohol; as a child I remember my dad bellowing out “White Lightning” and “The Race Is On”…… later, I learn the story behind “Golden Ring” and “We’re Gonna Hold On”……. I learned to understand the pain in “Living And Dying With Choices I Made” and the forever “He Stopped Loving Her Today” I sat in my living room, watching the tribute Nashville gave him on his send off…. listening to stories and laughing as they joked about him be “No Show” George…..
I admire this man and I always will…. he never made excuses for his past demons, rather he embraced them and wrote about them. George had a quality in his voice that no one will ever again…. that painful whine…. made from years of hurt and lost opportunities…
George eventually met Nancy and was able to turn it all around…. I love the way he sang “Amazing Grace”….. for George was an amazing example of the kinds of wretches God saves…. He gave God all the glory in his sobriety and restoration.
Through it all he remained true to himself… he lived life on his terms and he stood tall through it all. I admire that.
A couple years ago I was at a ladies meeting, and they were passing a poster board around to write who our heroes were…. I wrote “Elvis” and “George Jones”…… I think I shocked some and maybe even offended a few more…. but I was being honest.
George will forever be my hero, and my go to when I feel something I don’t understand… when I miss my dad, I listen to George…. When I mourn things of the past I listen to George…. and when life is too much I listen to George…..
Miss ya Opossum….. but I know Heaven is sweeter with you there.




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