It’s what your brain must feed
Knowledge is power
but why are you too lazy to turn the page over?

Intelligence comes from a single seed
in hopes that through it all
wisdom shall come to break down walls

But you don’t believe it’s what you need
Instead, you choose to remain ignorant,
blindly following someone else’s wicked master plan

“Read…and think.”
Be careful when you try to absorb everything in
Make up your own mind
Hopefully, you’ll be fine

“Read…and write.”
Your ideas may turn some things alright
Some may perceive you (too) critical
even when they’re the ones in denial

“Read…and don’t stop.”
It’s more than just you being smart
You’re offering the world a whole lot:
new, hopefully inspiring ideas
instead of babbling about trivialities

Read what you need
Do it because you love it
then help around…even bit by bit



(Jakarta, 26/4/2016 – 10:00 am)

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