The Angel of Light

So I met this guy 3 weeks ago and I was so mesmerized by him. He was so nice. He could make me laugh. We hungout almost every other day. He would call me everyday and text me goodmorning and goodnight. Did I mention he was a minister? But then I started having these feelingsthat he might be too good to be true. He started getting upset because I wouldn’t kiss him and it was like he wanted me to move fast. I wasn’t ready for all that and as a minister are you really supposed to be doing this anyway. I told him I wanted to take things slow. So this past week I realized calls and texts were slowing down and he wasn’t as interested as he was at first.I’m thinking like maybe he lost interest or he has a ggirlfriend. Then I noticed when I call he would act like I’m bothering him and he rushes me off the phone. So one day he calls and he’s in a better mood and we were talking about how my day was going and I asked him about his day and what he did. He told me he went to the movies with a female friend. I was shockedand hurt but I ddidn’t want him to know buthe could tell something was wrong. So after I explained my feelings he tried to make me feel dumb and saying I can’t be upset we are not in a relationshipand he has plenty of ffemale friends and if I was his girlfriend I would know these women. Hetells me the girl he went
to the movies with was a “dike”. Now what kind of minister speaks in this manner? And was that supposed to make me feel better about the situation? I met this man and thought he was heaven sent. He tricked me and he is not whohe says he is. He transformed himself into an angel of light and I fell for it. But its over now…

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