3 thoughts on “your view?”

  1. What body image issues are you having? Do you not like the way your feet look? Or your hands? Or your ears? Or your neck? For when you say body image you must mean a certain part and not your whole self? You have to love yourself and love your body, an know that your beautiful. All girls or woman are different, an if you want to change you have to change for yourself. Don’t force yourself to change yourself to please someone else (that just makes the selfish and not truly love you as a whole).

    You must build your confidence on your own time and at your own paste.
    You don’t have to rush into a relationship if you don’t want to, for love does take time. This is no Disney movie where we all fall in love on meeting someone one day and marrying and leaving happy ever after the next. That’s not reality. Just take your time to get yourself together and then decide what to do about “relationships”.

    Don’t give up, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

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