A Middle East Life

Doha, Qatar

Day 1.  A long flight from DC to Doha.  For the record, Qatar Air is pretty good if you are in 1st class or even business class.  

But I was in economy class and it was uncomfortable. But they had the ‘See where the plane is’ function on and that was pretty cool. You could see in what spot, in this world, was the plane at that exact time.  Even though they wouldn’t let you open the window shade to look out because the sunshine was to bright.

 I haven’t gotten around to googling how that could be as I left DC at 9:30 pm and it was only a few hours later. I’m guessing its because we flew way north before cutting across the Atlantic.

So there is a learning curve. Don’t bother paying for a window seat. The Flight Attendants are not kidding when they tell you to pull the shade down, repeatedly.

Doha Airport is big and very modern.  Not to crowded on a Thursday late morning.  Customs is customs.  Always a dry and humorless stage of the travel.  But I made it through with all my stuff.  Once out of customs I was greeted by a representative of Sidra,  my new employer.  The representative, a very nice but very quiet Indian man, quickly loaded my luggage and we rode in silence to my accommodation.

Of note I have found, without exception so far, that drivers do not answer their cells (good thing) do not listen to the radio and are not good with small talk.  But they are very respectful and polite. And they all call me Madame.  And I’m good with that.

My accommodation person was waiting for me at the apartment.  He showed me around, gave me a temporary cell phone to use until I could get a new sim card placed in my US cell and handed me the keys.  Its a beautiful apt and a beautiful compound.  Very resort like.  No complaints.

Oh and they stocked my kitchen for me with lots of apples, bananas, oranges, eggs, cereal, milk, cookies, soup and juice.  So nice!  But they forgot to stock me up with some wine.20160429_034538



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