D&D Ep 1: Fish-men and the Saviours

So last night was another eventful and weekly episode of Dungeons and Dragons with my good friends.
It’s weird. When we play D&D, especially this recent campaign, my character Erius seems to have dominated the “main character slot”. He is in every way far different than myself, and thus his charisma and character takes center stage. Perhaps its my attempts at being under the spotlight safely.
Back to the story though. To bring you up to speed, we have a very merry crew. There is I, Lord Erius (self proclaimed), a dark-skinned half-elf monk who, after being kicked out of his monastery, has chosen the life of adventure and travel in order to make the world just as he sees it in his own mind, peaceful and beautiful. He brings along his human companion and childhood friend, the healer Alanna, who is by all means “sick of his shit”. There is also the fish woman Sund, a military type who is ignorant of the surface world, as well as another fish man Erin who just seems to be tagging along for the hell of it. There is an asian like spellcaster Yoichi who finds the rest of us despicable, but joins due to the demand of his master Mana Kelly, and a barbarian woman named Argel who has been paid by a lord to be the bodygaurd of the “great Lord Erius”. Tagging along is an elven male by the name of Jake who attempts to continue his life of theft and crime, but cant seem to manage what with his new companions pushing him towards their carefree lifestyle. And, finally, every so often a cat woman of sage powers will arrive, although since her arrival we have begun to call her my “spirit animal” and because of this I have long forgotten her name. I shall correct this later.
As for what we band are doing, there is a crown that needs being put together. We have been requested this by the lord who hired the bodygaurd, who seems to want the crown for himself, and yet we do not even know why everyone seems to desire this thing. Erius himself was goaded by a demon months ago after the death of his best friend Alanna to give up the crown in exchange for her life, but he chose instead to go with destiny as she would have desired (she was brought back of course, but in exchange for damage to another since deceased companion). We have found ourselves thus in the land of Sunds people, a very militaristic group who find us, especially myself, unappealing and confusing. However, upon hearing about the crown pieces that we currently have, their Commander had grown quite interested.
There we met our new companion, the bard. Celest I believe his name was (Soulless? I dont know, we’ll go with the previous and correct later if we must). He sings songs of the wonderful surface would, but has found himself trapped among these sea people and desires a way out. We offer him a hand, and he accepts gladly.
Oddly enough, Erius is the one who notices the commanders hand gestures indicating his loyalty to the enemy shark god (ah, points in religion, a lord/god must know these things). Upon informing Sund of this she makes a demand to leave, to which they all agree and make their way out of the living quarters. The commander notices and attempts to take Sund alone to his chambers, a trap really under the guise of a briefing, when the bard steps in to put the man to sleep. We then make our way to the priestess who provides us with the ability to breathe under the water and dolphins to travel to our destination. However, the commander has long since woken and left, as shown by the priest who had attempted to investigate and was now unconscious.
After a couple of quick yet harmless battles we make our way to the surface only to see our ship under attack. Myself, Sund, and the barbarian Argel make our way up after Yoichi kindly provides us a way aboard the ship (ah, fire elementals). We attack those who proceed to attempt to kill our crew while Alanna makes good of our healing. Yoichi follows those who attempt to escape by blasting them with the boiling, scalding waters of the deep. Their leader sees us, and upon Sund and I coming aboard he hisses a low “why hello Private Sund, “Lord” Erius”. However, it seems Sund was none too knowledgeable as to who he was under those robes and cloak and proceeded to ignore him. Erius however did not, and with a swift slam with his left to the mans spine, and a crushing palm strike of his right to the fish mans skull, he killed him in moments.
Our ship has been saved, ignoring the few poor souls who had been stabbed and thrown overboard. We still have the crown, and those who praised the shark god have been defeated for now. Our new bard has joined the fray. I wonder what will come about next weeks game.

To be continued friends

2 thoughts on “D&D Ep 1: Fish-men and the Saviours”

  1. Which edition and setting are you playing? And how on earth did you convince your DM to let you play so many savage species? I would never have let you get away with this. 😉

  2. We’re playing 3.5.
    Oddly enough, it’s not even the classes and races we chose thats a bit broken (I purposely chose shit tier monk and my friend shit tier npc class healer for this exact reason of “they’re country bumpkins, the hell they know about being top tier”) although my friends other character Sund is what with her massive hit dice and crit chance (damn Aventi) Its more like we kind of kept inviting people to play with our group, and now its far too big. He is doing decently by making the encounters more difficult and there are many times where multiple members arnt there due to work, but its still a struggle.

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