Positive Outcomes Forged From Misfortune

So, last July, my fiance quit their job as manager at a grocery store, and become a manager at another. This new store promised health care, good working conditions, fair treatment, guaranteed 40 hours a week, regular work schedule, oppritunity for growth- things that the previous employer couldn’t. So, when my fiance switched over, it was agreed that the paycheck would, at the very least, match our last one. We couldn’t take a pay decrease, simply because we were struggling as it was. We were living paycheck to paycheck.

The employer agreed, and even signed on it. Well, somewhere along the line, numbers got mixed up, and we were getting shorted fifty cents an hour. We didn’t realize it at first. All we knew is, somehow, things were harder for us. Somehow, even though we were being paid the same, and getting five more hours a week. But my fiance didn’t complain much since the working conditions of this new job were so much better. So we just tucked in our shirts and worked harder to make ends meet.

Well, the employer realized this mistake after a few months, and was horrified by the error. What a huge difference from the last store, where the employer knowingly stole money and hours from us and didn’t care. He was pocketing the difference, in fact. So the employer contacted us immediately, and made up an agreement to pay us back. And he delivered. After taxes and all else considered, we were given a fat check for a little more than $500. Which, came with a 75 cent pay increase, bringing us up 25 cents more than the original agreed rate. Needless to say, we were happy. More so, the employer informed us that we were due for an additional 25 cent increase come July.

This had hit us pretty hard. We struggled. When you work it out, we were being shorted roughly $50 a month. Which, in many instances, is the difference between eating well, and hardly eating. We were having to make boxes of instant rice and frozen chicken last us a week. It was rough. And since I don’t even eat chicken, you can imagine how difficult that was. Rice, every day, all day, for as many as seven days in a row. And if I was lucky, some stale white bread and ketchup. I kid you not, things around here were tight. But we pulled through, and now we’re being paid better than we had agreed on, and we have an additional $500 to do as we please with.

It’s incredible, having this much money free. It’s almost an entire mortgage payment. I have a small home, the mortgage is only about $650. Every bit, every penny we have received up until this point has had to go to bills. The most disposable income we’ve ever had to just spend on ourselves has been less than $20.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to be getting a deluxe professional DSLR camera bundle with it. We found one that normally runs for $1,500, but for a great deal of only $499. Up until this point, all of our photography has been done with the camera on a smartphone. Which, of course, is unacceptable. I’m not a photographer by any means, but we take an annual vacation and I’m so sick of our pictures coming out looking like they were taken with a greasy toaster oven. Now I’ll be able to take memorable photographs of my time with my family, or hell, the moon, if I wanted. I’m so excited.

Within the same week of getting the payment, my aunt dropped a huge surprise on me. She told me she wanted to give me $1,000 for my birthday. That’s a ridiculous amount of money. She lost her husband a few months ago and was given a huge sum of money in life insurance, and that’s where this is coming from. I’m sad that it came from such a hard reality, but I’m gratefully, humbly accepting it and using it to pay off a credit card in its entirety. And putting what little we have left to our vacation in October.

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