Signing up for them Giveaways :)

Other: Basically looking at book hauls like my life doesn’t depend on it. An even entered a few giveaways! Free Books and aint gotta pay! Sign Me Up! I signed up for giveaways after YouTube videos and some on Goodreads as well. (Don’t really get on my Goodreads that much but I decided to since I checked my other email and I was getting a lot of newsletters from them.)
My mother did have me tag along to get the brat some braiding hair cause she needed to get her hair rebraided for she has a competition this weekend. It was so much fun looking through new boxes for the hair we needed (no I didn’t like it, it was a pain cause it took us forever to find it!)

Meh: So we stopped at Burger King to get food. No first off the cashier was nice, the staff today had very few people (an they had a long long of customers at the Drive Thru). and they sure as hell took forever to get out food1 I had to get something off the dollar menu. Just got a simple crispy chicken sandwich, now after eating it I had fuly decided Burger King is right underneath McDs (which I stopped going to cause there food made my stomach not right with the world). This is why I like WhatABurger better (an Wendy’s as well) because they have TRUE TEXANS BURGERS! An they taste good, so now I have another place to add on my list of where not to really eat unless someone else is paying and that’s all the food I’m getting for the day.

Watched EP4 of Seisen Cerberus (anime); I feel so bad for the main character, he tries so hard but it either gets him nowhere or in an awkward situation
Watched EP4 of Bungou Stray Dogs (anime); this fool ran away for freaking nothing! Those few guys that were sent after them got there asses kicked! XD
So I rememebered about a really good action anime that I hadn’t finished the 2nd Season of but I only remembered a few things of the 1st season. So I decided to rewatch it. But I needed to download the episodes; dont like watching them from my computer cause sometimes my computer acts dumb as hell.
Watched EP1 of Jormungand (anime); oh how much I missed the crazy Koko 🙂 But Jonah is my favorite after all~
Well I’m going to watch EP2 and probably the rest of the few episodes I downloaded. Have a good night all 🙂

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