Out my window today…lovely sight.  Yesterday was cold and rainy and felt more like November.  I can hardly make myself work.  I’m leaving on vacation Saturday and I’m in a vacation frame of mind .  Going to Arizona to see a good friend, who I have not seen in 15 years!  15 wow that is crazy.  We used to see each other every four or five…but life and time got away from us this time.  I’ve known her um, over 40 years. We met in 1974 when we worked in a credit office together in a discount store in Charleston, S.C.  I was married to a sailor, she was married to an airman.  Wow feels like 100 years ago…another lifetime for sure.

That’s the thing time passes much too quickly!  One day you are a young woman, newly married…barely 21 years old. Then BAM you wake up a grandma with gray hair and 42 years older ! How does that happen?  And I remember laughing at the old folks who warned me about this.  It so so very, very strange being really truly “the old people” as in there is nobody in your immediate family older than you.  Shoot, in my dad’s old family (my grandparents) I have one cousin who is 2.5 years older…that’s it.  UGH.  I don’t feel old in my brain.  I feel young and pretty and smart and fun.

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  1. Then you ARE young and pretty and smart and fun!!

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