Why is it?

Why is it.

Why is it that everyone around me seems mindfucked they are stuck in an illusion they can’t escape all the guys are the same they’re all horny and looking for one thing.They want to hurt you because they like it.

The girls they fall for those stupid guys and bitch about how little Susie’s talking crap or how little Susie’s talking to there so called boyfriend.

Then there is me the bystanderd

The wallflower.

I sit back and observe I take it all in.

I don’t fit I don’t belong.

I fee l as if im different from everyone else.

I want to be with her,I like her and I always wonder what’s its like to be him that lucky bastard kissing her.what’s its like to be in LOVE so they call it

Rejection after rejection is what I take constantly why.Why is that am I not pretty am I not smart  what the fuck is it


I try and keep calm but its hurting me and I’m tired of being hurt.

They say i love you and I miss you but then ask for nudes after they sit down and  pour their heart out either that or go talk to another girl or just be plain and simple complete assholes why is that please someone tell me why is that.

Why can’t someone CHOOSE me

Why can’t someone LOVE me 

Why can’t someone PICK ME

Is it that hard 

Why is it so hard to just be WANTED


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