Wk 1: Day 1 Friday

Today I asked myself how much I know about the diversity of mental health. Does mental health just refer to the state of mind of someone and if they think in a healthy, happy way or does it refer to the diverse nature of mental health issues that are faced by so many people in society?

After completed a bit of research on the diversity of mental health I came to the conclusion that it can mean both. Suffering from mental health issues can affect the way in which people perceive life and interact with others. As someone who suffers from anxiety I already have a slight understanding of how a mental illness can affect a person’s daily routines.

When asking myself the question of how much I already know about mental health all I could really gather is my understanding on anxiety and depression although I’m sure there are many more mental illnesses out there that I am yet to learn about. I also looked into my family history of mental health and found that my mother also shares the same mental illness of anxiety as I do which explains why it runs through the family. I also noted a few other friends that I believe suffer from some other forms of mental illness such as obsessive compulsive disorder through actions that I have witnessed.

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