Hello everyone :)

29 April 2016  FRIDAY

Hey..I cant tell you my name cause I wanna write as anonymous.. You can call me Silence Angel I am turning 16 soon and I live in Croatia its really fucked up place and I live in some small village… The village is fucked up as well… I made this account cause I  am really sick of writing on the paper in my noteboke with my pen and i know nobody would read it… So I decided to write diary here… I usually speak Croatian in real life but i really love english so here I am hehe… Ok soo idk where to start describing myself and all cause I have so much things in my head and i just needed this writing to let it go write it down and make space in my head… Idk lemme tell u something about me… I love drawing and i love art and music.. I draw a lot and when people see my pictures they ask me did i go somewhere to learn how to draw and they ask how you do it its amazing well its just something i have since i was born and also.. Creativity never comes from happiness.. Music.. I love.. okay dont judge.. I like metal and also screamo and death metal maybe seems like a same thing but its not I also listen to emo and sad songs emotional sad songs when I am sad… Yeaah I am emo.. But real emo.. So.. Um I was always bullied by kids in kindergarden  primary school and now at high school.. When i was in primary school i cried a lot i idk in the 8th grade I losed myself i started not to talk to anyone.. Cause all they would do is make fun of me or idk… it was really tough… I was not looking like an emo but my behaviour was telling I am emo… It al started with one boy who knew me idk.. we were like friends not realy but eh.. He asked me if i am emo.. I did not know what is that but i figured out.. I figured out i am really an emo and i kinda liked the emo look i started to look like one.. And here i go high school now ppl were hating me causeI am different… Also my parents.. my dad beated me up a lot and all the shits… I used cried in room begging god to take my life away I just wanted to die… It was when i was lets say normal.. OK sooo its all about me.. I hope you can meet me through my other notes ill write…

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