I just..can’t..TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

Other: Went to bed pretty late, I’ll watch more anime later.

(When I awoke) So on the news, here in Houston, TX, they were talking about Slidders. At first I was thinking a dance but no, it’s worse then someone who has no rythm. “Slidders” are people who get in your car when you go in the gas station to pay for gas so you can pump. An basically still your purse or car while your paying no damn attention! So please woman look out for your cars, Please!
*By the way this morning I was reteaching myself to play the recorder. I wanted to relearn cause it was my first instrument and I played that all through every elementary school I went to.


Determined: I remembered that I needed to make a few phone calls to get some address changed from my Dallas address to the one here in Houston. Since I no longer live there anymore, I did call the apartment complex and told them to tell the new residents to just throw away my mail if they get it. 


Other: Watched EP1 of Grandfathered (tv series) on FOX; it was quite intertaining.
I have to clean out my main professional (sorta) email cause there was an assessment I was supposed to take for this Gift Shop Clerk job. It was so long, 111 Questions! An I had to keep hiting next after each question! They all weren’t on one page! Ugh! But I’m glad I finished. I did clean out my email for awhile and then got back to crocheting this other blanket I seriously gotta finish.

Angry/Sad: I should start from the beginning. I was on the couch crocheting and I literally heard yelling all the way from the parking lot. It was my mother and the brat, I got up, I unlocked the door, and swung it open for them so they wouldn’t have to bang a lot. But thee yelling just really didn’t stop, from what I was listening to, the brat left an important costume for her performance this weekend with a teacher she wasn’t supposed to. For it originally belongs to the dance company she dances for. My mother kept yelling at her and telling her to look and make sure and to pull out all of her dance stuff and put it in one spot. I did get in to the conversation asking if she looked in the large container in the closet with all those clothes I put in there since she literally had them on the floor in the closet. I couldn’t stand it when I was cleaning the closet that one day to make it look a thousand times better. I was helping going through it all to find her dance stuff and then my blood started to boil and my heart was raising fast! I was mad! They kept yelling, they wouldn’t calm down, the brat was being rude to mom, and mom just wasn’t getting the belt to whoop this kid! I couldn’t take it anymore!
(When I mean I can’t take it anymore, I literally mean it! Since I have come back to Houston in January I have noticed my sister is rude as hell to people, doesn’t really do what she is told, and my mom doesn’t whoop her (a real whoopin) to discipline her1 It’s like shes’s letting the kid walk all over her! Always yelling and yelling and threatening but never does a damn thing! That’s why the kids attitude is nasty as fuck!)
I grabbed my sister and shook her a little. (When I get really angry I cry, idk why, I’ve been doing this since I was litte.) But I yelled at her telling her to stop talking to mom that way, she needs to respect her, I told them both (but I don’t think my mom was listening cause she was mad about the costume and calling number to find out where it was and was bickering about she needed to go back to damn work) that I live in this house too and it gets tiring having to hear this shit and I wanted them to stop. An that all this yelling was so damn unneccesarry! I started cursing at this point, telling my sister what she needed to do and she just needed to do what she’s god damn told! I was storming for the door at this point, I wanted to say something to my mom before I left but I was too damn angry and stormed out!
I was crying into the leasing office ladies arms at this point in my pjs and socks. I told her what had happened and then she changed the subject asked about my orientaion. It made me feel better to talk about it and about how I’m seriously counting down the the months to start back school. I felt better talking about it but not fully, so I called my great aunt and my step grandmother about the situation. Basically I told my great aunt that if my words don’t get to them and they keep it up I’ll be moving back in with her and my Nanny. For I won’t keep dealing with them.

Watched The Martian (movie); man this was a really good damn movie! 5 out of 5 Stars
Read Chapters 28 thru 31 of Red Raven (manga); Poor Walter, losing the one he loves like that. So sad 🙁
They finally updated this one! Read Chapters 7 and 4 & 5 of Volume 2 of Yakushoku Distpiari – Gesellshaft Blue (manga); well shit, his comrades went against him all because of that one asshole! Please kill him, he’s so damn annoying :/
Alight so I’m going to stay up and read more manga, I’m glad I got it all out. But that doesn’t really change anything if they don’t change. But I’m serious, I will leave them….

P.S. I did write down some motivational quotes to help me feel better…

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