Ugh. Today was shitty.

I had to sit on the bench for a whole softball game and we lost 4-21. I don’t understand why Coach doesn’t just freaking let the subs in when we’re losing. I mean, we’re going to lose anyway so what’s the big fucking loss?

Ever since I talked with Mrs. No Name and Hollie about being bi, Hollie has been more distant than usual. Doesn’t laugh at my jokes, hardy looks at me. It’s kind of pissing me off.

Mom is thinking about home schooling me just because I’m a fucking bisexual and bring “trouble” to my school. Bulllllll. I wish Mrs. No Name and Mr. Nobody didn’t tell my mom until I was ready like she said she would freaking do. She did it behind my back and didn’t even tell me. I haven’t talked to her prior to the meeting and don’t really want to. And mom wants me to get counselling and stresses the importance of being safe with getting diseases and how I’m taking the “wrong, lonely path in life” just because I like girls. Big fucking deal, lady. And now, my brother and father know, so it’s even more awkward around them



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