Maybe we were meant to Drown

Couples always try “fix” each other. Supposedly because they want their other half to be a better them. I understand that. They just want you to succeed and not suffer in any way.

What if you can’t help them? What if they can’t help you? What if you two were meant to drown.. together.

When both of you are hopelessly looking for an answer nobody can seem to give and each others comfort is the only relief.

That darkness that just seems to sneak up on you out of nowhere. Give into it. After all, he’s your light. You’re his.

The doubts you two seem to go back to. Maybe she’s better off with someone else. Maybe he’d be happier with someone normal. Well maybe, but do you actually want to give up the time you put into what y’all are now just to find out?

You were meant to drown. To fade. Not alone though, but side by side. Both hopeless, but happy together. Isn’t that what really matters anyways? Did you ever try to think positive about the negative? Did you ever stop to think even though y’all are opposites, you’ve lasted because your Demons dance so well together?

The shit that I think of..

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