my day sumed up

so i woke up today and had to really pee and i go down stairs and my sister and her boyfriend are in the shower (yuck) so had to wait forever and then they get out and i get to pee. so then i play dying light till my mom comes home then we have a lot of  running around to do because my mom,aunt,cousin,grandmother, and i are all going on a trip tomorrow till Sunday to indy so my mom had to spend time with my brother because he cant go and was upset (mamas boy) and we went to the park with my other cousin then take him home then to whole foods because only they have a kind of cips i like that i cant find anywhere else (im spoiled) then to martins for me and my mom to get a salad at there salad bar and get my little little brother food but before that we forgot to get my little brother (17) from school he had a jazz band thing then home and we hung out then had to take my sister and her boyfriend to work because his car died and there ride baled on them last second we the got home and we all played mom on her cell little little brother on his me on mine and little brother on the computer then it was bed time for them and i went to my room i packed and i then masturbated then  tried talking to some guys who didnt want to talk to me so i decided to get on ere and write what i did all day.

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