Routines Routines Routines…

29 April 2016 FRIDAY

Hey… Ah.. this day.. the night was rainy.. I did not wanted to go to sleep i was listening to Rain falling the sky was crying I heard the sky tear drops.. Althought it was all wet  it was beautiful to listen..  I woke up at 5AM as every seond week cause i have to catch a train then go to school in other town.. In the morning was gloomy and kinda rainy i took my hoody and of course headphones and i went to train station… Every time i am scared that I will be late and I rush when i go there and I always come first.. Okay so i went into train of course I was sitting alone there as i usually do i have no friends since my friend left me well now i realized she was not my true friend at all I needed  like 9 years to figure out she is not my friend… So I came in the town and I walked to school.. While i was walking a girl that I know she scared me she put her hand on my shoulder.. I went to school with her.. blah blah bah every day the same… I went to school.. Had classes and teacher let us earlier so I was walking slow to the train station  wait outside for train get into train then waited to train to go.. Omg i hate my life i hate school every day is the same School train waiting home.. ughhh okay so I finished school today went into my village with train.. There is my neighbour she was rude to me one and  she was passing by me with her friend and she is like 11th grade and she has Hello kitty backpack… soo when she passed by me i just said ,,Hello shitty.. Hmm.. Can i have one hello shitty bag its so  nie and shitty” Her friend started to laugh… If ppl will be mean to me I will just not give a fuck and give them back what they deserve oh ya also i forgot to say what happened in the train.. Soooo there was not seats in train it was full and 2 guys that I know very well they came to sit with me well using me only when they need something and they sat there and one guy took  a pic of me and made funny meme it was rude… And they started to ask me questions like why you listen to that metal its shit people only scream in there  like what are u god why did u made this thing that black thing-ME… He asked why i am not friend with that one girl anymore.. You became a monster and now everyone run away from you.. I just idki was like.. I felt like its my fault cause people hate me..Okay its all for today.. 

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