Calmed down..for now…

Other: Read Chapters 1 thru 26 of Immortal Hounds (manga); I really really like this one1 I honestly hopw they save Rin somehow cause the new people they hired suck! lol
I then noticed the time, which was close to 2am and just decided to stay up and crochet and watch the Season 10 of Family Guy on Netflix..til I black out.
Surprisingly I woke up at a decent hour (almost too close to the time my step brother and his gilrfriend were coming over).

Accomplished/Disappointed: Cleaned the whole house (sorta). I kept my moms room door closed cause well mostly be up front when they get here (an its not my job to clean up after her), wiped down all counters, fully cleaned my side of the room (kept the brats side of the room the same, that’s her mess), mopped the floor cause for some odd ass reason someone keeps spilling shit on the floor! I even vaccumed and even changed into clothes even though I was at home. An hour or so later my brother messaged me that he has to stay at work til 8am and come back tomorrow. Fine. At least the house is clean and he’s not texting me like crazy as he did this morning while I was still half sleep. Well back into my comfty clothes I go.

Other: Watched Dream House (2011)(movie); it was good but just a little slow to getting to the point. So I had to fast forward a little bit.
Watched Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010)(movie) he really is a funny little main I swear! XD

Happy: After watching that Kevin Hart movie it made e feel a little better and just glad that I had the house to myself and just crocheting away. So I can cope and process all that happened yesterday but not let it destroy me mentally. Everyone needs a good laugh.
Other: Watched S3 EP1 thru 11 of Bobs Burgers on Netflix; this family has so many issues every damn episode! But there so hilarious with fixing them lol.
So while watching the episodes I have been untangling this yarn, for it literally has knots freaking everywhere. So I’ve been untangling a certain amount and cutting it then untangling again. Man I’m really gonna be up; I think I’ll use my other balls of yarn that aren’t tangled maybe tomorrow if I can’t get these knots out. Well I’ll be up, for while, fighting sleep. Have a good night all 🙂

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