Day 36 – Life Moves On

Life moves on; that’s all I can say today.

I don’t feel like saying much.

All I ever want is to find happiness.

I loved him too much and it broke my heart. Now I just need to work on mending it. I feel jealous and that’s not good. I feel pained.
Love shouldn’t be like this. It shouldn’t hurt, so that’s how I know something’s not right.
He was my childhood sweetheart in a way, and someone I really adored. I don’t think my love for him will ever fade away, but I will definitely calm down and feel better after a while. My love for him will just turn into ‘wanting the best for him’ rather than this jealousy I feel and pain.

Oh and by the way, I’m doing everything I could now to change my life, and to become more productive. I got all kinds of planners for this purpose and downloaded all sorts of apps.

I know that things will be awesome someday and pretty much soon. I crave liberation from these feelings that nest in my chest.

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