I don’t miss you

You were hardly ever there. When you were there were no longer laughed together. All we did was talk about work. I chose to be happy and keep the peace but early on I realized I was alone in it. I was all grieving and chose you to keep me company. Maybe we were never meant to be but then why does attraction exist? I remember the first time you touched me. I was so happy. You were so beautiful. We were so similar. I wished I had met you sooner. It was a mistake. I mistook your soft spoken manner for sweetness….you actually had nothing to say to me. I don’t hate you. Im disappointed in me. I always choose the wrong person. I miss sleeping next to your. I miss your scent. I went to the place where we had our first dance. The mind plays tricks-I thought I saw us trying to country dance! It wasn’t us. We aren’t together. You gave up on us. 

One thought on “I don’t miss you”

  1. What a sad journal. Bless your heart. I hope you find someone new and wonderful very soon!

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