My Biggest Fear

Most people have what can be considered a “normal” fear. Like the dark or spiders or something like that. Others are afraid of things that aren’t as common. Unfortunately for me, I’m one of those people. 

My biggest fear is being alone. Let me explain this: I love having time by myself. Having time to be alone and do things that I can enjoy by myself. Listening to music, reading a book, watching YouTube videos. But I can’t stand being alone. My biggest fear is going through life and feeling completely and utterly alone. I’m afraid of people leaving me. I’m afraid that as soon as they’re able, my friends are all going to leave me. My sane mind tells me that they won’t. My heart tells me that they won’t. But a teeny voice in the far corner of my brain whispers, taunting me, “They’re all going to leave eventually.” And I can’t stand it. I wrote a post a few days ago when I was having a panic attack- solely from feeling lonely. And it happens entirely too often. So instead of being afraid of the dark, I get stuck with the completely irrational fear of being alone. 


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