Parking Lot Stalker

It’s me. I’m the parking lot stalker. I kind of want to regret it…but I don’t.

So, knowing that I was about to become a single mom, I decided to sit in the grocery store parking lot and watch other mothers of multiples to see how in the world they are able to grocery shop with more than one kid. I literally, for the life of me, could not figure out how Single mothers ran their errands. I was convinced it was a magic trick that was real. Think “Abra cadabra!” Boom. Groceries in the fridge.  

Well, it paid off. I picked up some pretty good pointers from being a wierdo/creeper. I learned to park near the cart rack. That way, I can unload my groceries, get the kids in the car, and return the cart without ever being out of sight of my children. Yeah, I don’t regret being a parking lot stalker at all. I actually want to thank all of the mothers with multiple kids that not only made me realize it’s possible, but made it look like a piece of cake. Thanks ladies! You rock!

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