Sunday Church

Tomorrow we have church and we are supposed to take Matthew.  I am nervous about how he will behave, as he has not been his best this week.  If you’ve read my journals, you’ll know.  But he wants to go, and I don’t want him to think we didn’t want to take him.  In reality, our pastor (who is usually long-distance on a screen) Jentezen Franklin is going to be at our local church tomorrow night, and we were going to skip morning church and go just at night, alone.  Anyhow, my nerves are shot.  I’m afraid we’ll get worn out and not feel like going to meet Pastor.  My nerves are just frazzled on several counts.  If anyone reading this prays, please pray for me tonight.  I don’t like this borderline panicky feeling.  Reminds me of when I was so sick with anxiety disorder.  Which I still keep in check with meds.  I know some of you have anxiety disorder also.  Believe me, I understand how crippling it can be when it’s severe.  Thank you for prayers and good wishes.  Love to each of you.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Church”

  1. Adianez, Thank you so much.

    2rbetterthan1, Your comment encouraged me very much. I love talking and listening to other people who love the Lord. Thank you for the scripture story and its application to my situation. You must be a very special person!

  2. Words of Life. Thank you so much. I am lower today because I found out Sunday afternoon that my daughter is planning to send my grandson away again to a residential setting. He was in one for a year, and has been home only 4 months. He is not violent, although he talks about maybe he should just die. He asked his mom, “Why are you trying to get rid of me?” My heart is broken. And your words are healing. So, may the Lord bless you greatly. I know I must cast all my cares on Him. It is so hard. I love my grandson more than air. The scriptures you sent to me are a great help. There is no other help than Jesus. Keep us in your prayers please. The boy’s name is Matthew and my name is Lynn. Thank you again.

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