This is a life?

I dont ever see anything in my life which worths something.. Either i have got nothing or everything i have is just nothing.. My family..actually i cant call it father is a monster from a fairytale. Everything he is do is just scolding , insulting, shouting… 

Today is another awful day of my life. I hate it that i live.. What makes me lose a control is that when i see mum crying. Today she did. I tried to calm her down as i was also trying to hide my tears. 

This is life? I hate that kind of life but i know no better one ever exists.. Or if it is it’s not for me i feel.

my heart is broken into pieces . In every way. In every thing. 

Love dosnt exist for me . I dont believe in . I hate everything which connects to it cause i know it will finally finish badly.  I cant even see it in my family , how could i believe it existing?? 

I’m tired of this damned life.. I was born on an unlucky star. Get rid of me everything.

i wish that life would finish too !! Hate u my life!

2 thoughts on “This is a life?”

  1. Dear Mishell, there is a better life and it ISfor you. Hold on to hope. I know it’s going to be better. Know that God loves you. If there is no love in your family, that is tragic indeed, but I can see that there is love—-you are the love in your family. You love your mum. You are her angel. Believe in God, talk to Him, and keep shining your light, even if it seems dim at times. Love to you.

  2. Savedbygrace thank you so much )) i feel your support and i really appreciate it.

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