Day 65 – Funeral

Saturday, April 30th 2016

Woke up with a sore throat at 6:50 ish am. I suspected I needed water, but that’s not the case, since I had it all day.

I almost did not go to my pastor’s sister funeral. I did finally, and it was hard to see.

First off, I could easily remember where I sat the day of my grandfather’s funeral. I was at the front row, sitting where the children of the sister were. It felt like my grandfather’s funeral was just yesterday, so I kept being reminded by it. Then, I was hurt when I saw the little children. It is hurtful to lose a parent, but at such a young age, my condolences. Then, the pastor’s son, so the nephew, goes to my youth group. He seems to have been keeping himself unattached and emotionless.

It’s funny how just a tiny voice crack while someone is reading from the Bible can cause so much empathy. The man was already in a monotone voice, empty it seems. When his voice cracked, my empathy nearly shattered and I almost cried. I think I almost cried many times during the funeral. I didn’t want to, for my grandmother and mother to not be reminded of my grandfather.

Then it was hard to see the pastor trying to preach as he grieves the lost of his sister, but, we believe that even though someone dies, there’s still hope. She was a believer, therefore went to heaven. Knowing that makes someone’s death bittersweet.

I came home and my nose started running. I’m sick, aren’t I?

I played Town of Salem for the rest of the day. It was fun. Actually quite good at it.

That’s all for today.

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