Episode 3: The Dead Animal On the Desk

I hate it.
Everytime I pass by her office I see it, curled up around the ceramic pottery. Above it new flowers each day. Maybe theyre plastic, who knows. I havent ventured into her office to find out. The room surrounds it in bright orange and yellow hues, pictures of sunflowers adorning the walls.
Its disgusting.
I cant help but stare into this room that would normally be beautiful and vibrant and full of life without finding my gaze back to the dead animal. I have no idea what it even is. Its not a ferret, Ive had enough of those to know what they look like. Its small though, almost weasel like. Brown. And yet from under its stiff fur I can see the ramains of jerky like flesh.
Im not someone who is really against such things, although I will never understand them. I dont kill and I love animals far more than any person. I could never murder something and rip its flesh off for my own personal amusement. That being said I never snuff away someone else who is involved with such things, I just refuse to go near them.
Yet I cant just not go near this thing, its right there. Everytime I pass her office to go into the breakroom, to get a cup of water, to grab my coat or get on the computers its always there staring back at me with empty eye sockets. I dont care that shes my manager, I want to rip that thing off from its stupid rose colored vase and throw it away. Thing deserves at least that much dignity.
Why would anyone even want a dead animal right on their desk? Its not even posed or positioned in some majestic way, its just a sad sack of flesh dropped there. Theres no feeling, no emotion, no remnant of what it once was.
Was it a pet? Was she super into weird weasel creatures? Was it a weird gift she just couldnt refuse? Why does it exist? Could I get away with nabbing it? Would she even miss it?
I hate it….

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