A Middle East Life.

First day at the new job.

My driver was outside of my apartment 20 mins early, so no make up today. But my hair looked good.

Everything went great.  Not much to say, lots of HR papers to read and sign, pictures taken for work badges, lots of new co-workers to meet.

The new co-workers are from everywhere. Lots of accents, Brits, Aussies, Indian and plenty of Canadians.  Everyone was happy to see me.  I’m the first Respiratory Therapist who made it over.  My Supervisor will be here on June 5th, he will be the 2nd RT.

Today also marks the 1st day the Out Patient Clinic is actually open and running with some patients.  So was a good day for everyone, to be finally open after years of delays.  My actual job description is a little vague right now.  Being an Out Patient Clinic, not a whole lot for an RT to do.  So I was assigned a few easy days to get use to the charting and emails etc.  Orientation stuff, not fun but a necessary evil in all work places.  But no complaints as Sidra gives you basically the whole week to do it in.  Very generous.

After my driver dropped me off at my apartment at 4:00pm  I took another walk in the opposite direction.

Sunset in a desert.
Sunset in a desert.

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