For the past 2 days i have not update my blog or write anything in it because there was a big event on Friday which is me, myself a part of committee who is coordinating it. On the D-day, everyone was so stressed and each of us was emotionally in panic and started to yell at each other, which was so depressing. Everyone started yelling at each of the small things which is not a huge problem. There are  so many stuffs for us to in the venue which is decorating stuff, reopening the table and plated the food. Each of us have different job but we all got confused and panicked since the  party is going to start. Our president decided to gather us around because we were all panicking  and he does not want us to all fight over a little things. He comforted us, giving us support, advice and talk to us for all the committee to be not panic or stress in order for the event to go smoothly. Everyone started to gather around and cheer each other by screaming our event to rock the part and give the best that we got. Everyone was feeling nervous but all of our member has decreased their panic and stress because we started to work together and finish up the last part by creating our venue very interesting and fun. 

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