I don’t write entries regularly anymore.. I find it hard to write anything coz nothing interesting happened lately.. so yahh.. my life is indeed pretty boring.. but I’m happy with it though.. 

So today.. I’m officially sixteen.. I’m happy.. yeah.. but somehow.. there is something that makes me sad.. though it was all in the past.. it still feel sad.. but I’m happy now.. I guess.. I don’t know.. I’m going crazy over my own thoughts.. I’m happy then later on.. I will find myself cry..

These past two days I feel so afraid of losing something or someone that had been a great part of my life already even for just a short period of time.. I don’t even know why it’s affecting me too much.. why he is affecting me too much.. maybe because he had been such a good person to me.. he was like a brother and a best friend.. so I would definitely miss him.. very good mornings.. every small talks.. those daily conversation.. everything.. I just found out that he will be leaving already this Wednesday.. it makes me terribly sad.. I can’t explain what I felt when i found out.. 

I don’t think that I’m ready for it.. I don’t know what will happen next..

I don’t know why I’m so scared.. 

So anyways.. this is all of it.. thanks.. 


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  1. Happy birthday to you here too !! + i wish you had everyone and everything by your side for the whole life ❤️

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