Fresh off the beach! We had a wonderful week. Weather was perfect. Warm and sunny the entire week with the exception of a couple of hours of drizzle on Thurs AM that did not dampen any spirits. We took that opportunity to visit a tourist trap shopping area built over a former swamp. You could feed carp and turtles from the boardwalks between shops. Very fun! Other than that side trip we really just stayed on the beach or in the pools. It was so relaxing. Kids boogie-boarded, made friends, played in the sand. Our accommodations were perfect. We found that there are less expensive places near by – equally as nice.  Live and learn – but no regrets on the place we stayed.  We are already talking about next Spring Break, so we’ll be better educated on where to stay next time. It didn’t take us long to get in to full vacation mode when we got to the resort. We were too early to check in so we went to breakfast then down to the water. There was a surfing contest going on so the beach was lined with tents and families. The kids made friends and played and played. We didn’t have our bathing suits unpacked yet, but it didn’t matter. They got wet anyway. They found a baby shark that someone had hooked from the pier that is right in front of the hotel. It was alive, but not very. Got a pic of S holding it. S and D both were worried about it. They put it back in the water hoping it would survive. In the evening D had her hair braided by a Jamaican woman who came to the resort. The woman was a bit pushy but the look on D’s face when I said she could do it was worth every penny. She was so excited. I just love seeing her that way.  She looks beautiful in her braids. Gorgeous girl! S’s friend from his class was also vacationing at the same place – just a mile down the beach. Naturally, S was obsessed with getting together with him. That and texting with his friends at home – on my phone. Ugh – that was a little annoying. I had a talk with him after the first thousand times he asked about texting or face-timing or seeing his friend. I explained to him that this is our family vacation. He got it – for the most part. We did spend time with his friend – who is a pleasure – easy going, great kid. We even had him stay over at our place one night. We got clams for dinner from a local seafood shack. The kids devoured them.  They were very excited about having clams! For the most part we ate at “home” since our place had a full kitchen.  Grocery prices were high – especially close to the hotel – but we found other stores that were more reasonable. The one night we went out to dinner D had fried flounder and loved it!  Another evening we went to the more touristy part of town and the kids had hot dogs and fries – apparently “the best hotdogs and fries ever!!”. We spent a few mornings walking the beach and collecting shells. D loved doing that. We found a whole sand dollar and several partial sand dollars. Lots of interesting colors and shapes of shells. There were some giant “cannonball” jelly fish that washed up occasionally – we steered clear of them. The kids boogie boarded – they had never done that before – with their new found friends. They loved it so much that I went out and bought them boards. The looks on their faces when I brought them down to the beach – priceless! It’s a sign of a really good vacation when you are sad to see it end. 

I had some issues with eating. I am such a closet eater. I sneak food. Being on vacation, I gave myself permission to eat and drink as I please. However, I went overboard. Even when we got home and until I got to work this morning I was eating with abandon. Not thinking about what I consumed – all covertly. I really want to get to the bottom of my issues with food. I know how to eat healthy. I just don’t want to most of the time. Why?

I ran and biked a little while we were away. It was so nice to do so in the warmth. I ran this morning despite a cold that has been threatening for weeks now. I’ve kept it at bay and I didn’t let it spoil vacation, but I’m tired and feel weak. This morning’s run was really slow, but I’m so glad I got out there. I really needed it.       


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