A New Life, Maybe?

Happiest moment of my life!

Yesterday was my entrance test. That test which I looked upon as a practise test suddenly became the final one for this year! That scared the shit out of me, why? Because I enrolled for this test just to have an experience. And our supreme court says just before 2 days of the test i.e on 28/4/16 that the test on 1/5/16 i.e yesterday is finalised as the only entrance test which will provide the seats in medical in our country! I was stuck. I thought I am screwed because the syllabus of my state board is no where near to the syllabus for that test and that’s the reason I enrolled it just for an experience because I knew that this test won’t land me anywhere! Also I had cold and with this running nose and cough, how can I do that?

I just had 2 days in my hand. How can I qualify for it with no perfect content for that syllabus. But you know what, we should never give up! WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP!  I decided to sharp my basics so that atleast I can apply some logic for the question and find any clue for the answers! This was the first time in my life when I wanted to rest and sleep, I couldn’t do so. I was so worried about the entrance. I hardly studied anything this month because my mom was not there.

These 2 days, I did physics on the first day that’s when another news came up that it is now confirmed that this is going to be the final entrance to decide my future. I started crying. I couldn’t take it. It was immposible to do anything for me.

But I decided to not give up I woke up at 5 in morning started sharpening my basics by reading the old books. I read 14 chapters of my previous year +18 chapters of this year + glancing the whole chemistry of this year in 1 day! Yes! In just one day! I did all these in one day. I slept only 3 hours! 

On my way to the entrance, I started coughing like hell, my stomach was upset. I wanted to puke but I couldn’t see my body that time as still I was reading the important points I had written. 

When I entered the hall, they didn’t allow me to take my hanky and water bottle but I had to request them because I wasn’t well. And glad that they understood my condition.

When I got the paper, I started and at the end I never expected to give an exam so well even though I had no books for it! Nothing. I wanted to cry so much thanking myself for not giving up. 

I think I will qualify the entrance test but I just want to pray for good college. 

Even if I don’t get a good college, I will try again next year because my parents did understand in what condition I gave the exam. 

So, I am not scared about failing anymore. Because no matter what I will never give up on my dreams. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP EVEN IF I FAIL A HUNDRED TIMES AGAIN.

For the first time I thought that I had done something really good and I was happy that I didn’t give up. I tried my best!

Yeah! Life can be partial with you sometimes. Like all this happened with me. We should keep hope and keep working for it. Because not everyone will ask that we are comfortable or no!


4 thoughts on “A New Life, Maybe?”

  1. Hey you!! I understand your fears, thrill and hopes.. I’m also passing entrance exams this year..it will be in a month and i’m so nervous.. I need high scores and i must do all my best to get them.. I imagine how happy u are now.. Ah How i wish i were as happy as you !!

  2. Mishell, just don’t loose hope and keep working without thinking anything! Don’t give up!
    All the best!!

  3. I try , i try my best.. Just sometimes high results seem impossible but the other day they are quite achievable.. Let God give us the best ^^!

  4. God will definately give. Only when you will give your best 🙂

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