another lose lose over it..

Another nite of aguring with the hubby.  last two nights its been that way..  I’m so over it.  He agures over the stupidest things.  Its the same every nite.  He will make smart coments toward my oldest son where he can hear it so I get txt message from my son telling me he hears everything hes saying.  When my oldest son don’t come out or say anything back to him he starts with me then I tell him to shut up bc I’m tired of it so he will keep on.  I go in the other room than he will start with my other child.  its the same cycle over and over. Then I get it hm saying that its him against all of us.  Like really grow up and stop acting like you know everything in the world and everyone should bow down to you.  The boys tell him to stop because hes stressing me out and with my health issues I don’t need it.  He says your mom doing to herself.  What to do?  My health aint stable enough for me to get a job so I can kick his butt out.  I’m tired of the fighting crap with him.. Tired of being unhappy tired of my kids being unhappy tired of feeling lonely of feeling unwanted.  Sick of it.  Then he always the next day try to be sweet while hes at work but once he comes home it starts over again..  Its a lose lose battle with him.. I need help….

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  1. Can you get food stamps and welfare? It would be worth it to get him out of the house. Sorry if that sounds judgmental, it just sounds like such an awful situation for both you and your kids. I pray it will get better, dear.

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