Baby steps

Well my body is burning. Who though it would be a good idea to do a full body workout right of the bat. 

So beginning to improve myself proved to be difficult. Now the thing is, I am in sort of a twilight zone when it comes to studies – yea I am a highschooler, and yet I will be finishing it this summer, so I got to focus on exams. Problem is that I was always a slacker. Not because I am lazy (which I am, obviously), but because I could do most tasks rather fluently and quickly. Emphasis on ‘could’, as the curriculum is harder  than when I was smaller, and yet I haven’t bothered to change my mindset, leading to some questionable evaluations.

So I’ve begun to do some tests and be more active in class. Sure I’ve got some weird glances once in a while, but that was to be expected. Hell, I would do the same if the usually quiet started raising questions and actively answering. Tomorrow I will iron out some physics related issues that I don’t get in privacy with the teacher. Even if it lets me get at least one task on the exam right it will have been worth it.

The physical part proved to also be a challenge. These muscles haven’t been used for much, so now I quite literally feel like Neo. One day doesn’t count, though, since in my experience I can do something for a day and then drop it the next one. I’d rather not this time, though.

And to think I still haven’t touched upon some things I would like to learn. Cooking will be difficult, but necessary to save money once I move to live on my own. I’ve tried it before, and failed miserably at everything – preparation of ingredients, seasoning, cooking time… Let’s just say this will take some (a lot) of time to get adequate at.

My social life is where it was for good past 3 months. The girl I liked is still my friend – dropping a friendship over my egoistical feelings just seemed redundant, so I just got over them. Actually now that I think about it I should give her a nickname for easier reference. I guess Scarlet will do for now.

 One thing I noticed is that I am drifting away from my other friend, let’s call her Noit ( a mix between ‘night’ and ‘noir’ that’s too cheesy, even for me, but here we go). Then again it is most likely my doing, since I was the one who scouted out and was a wing-man when getting her current boyfriend. Probably just wants to spend time with him, so not really concerned about this.

Anyways I am just going to keep this thing updated daily if I can help it. I lack motivation to do one thing continuously, so this might be a good reminder to actually not procrastinate if I just leave this open for me to see. I only have one laptop, so it won’t be that difficult.

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