I thought I knew what reality was, but I was mistaken.

The Beatles ladies and gentlemen

Since I was a freshman in high school (1997) I was totally obsessed with the Beatles. I found meaning in the music, but also in their story. Oh how I would pride myself on all the knowledge of them I thought I had. The comments from people of my parents age would often challenge me in trivia, and the dreaded comment: “you weren’t even alive then” was always said after I kicked their ass in musical history. If you were to walk into my apartment 10 years ago you would immediately get that I was a fan to say the least. I taught my children about them, so yes, a big part of my life, and personality. 

   My friend Connie sends me a Facebook message one day about 2 years ago. She asks if I had seen the documentary on Netflix “the last will and testament of George Harrison.”  It was a documentary on the possibility of Paul having died in 1966, and having a a look alike put in his place as to where the public was to be none the wiser. I remebred briefly seeing something like that in all of my mainstream research I did on the . Hoax is the word that my reasearched described it as. So I did what any know it all would do: I lied about having looked into it , and assured her it was a hoax. I didn’t really know I was lying because I thought I knew all there was to know about the Fab Four.

   About so months later there came a time when ultimate boredom peeked and I was trying to watch Netflix, but had seen mostly everything. Then after scrolling through all the media that documentary about Paul McCartney’s supposed death popped up. I was that bored I thought if it’s too stupid I can always shut it off . During this documentary I found myself getting kind of upset , and arguing out loud with my television. And some things that had never made sense to before started to come together. After it was over I just sat here staring off into space . Little did I know that was the beginning of my awakening.

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