Night. Day time. Eternity.

Night is when the demons come out to play,
And no matter how hard you try, they stay.
You scream and you cry,
You plea and you sigh.
But no matter how hard you try,
They make you want to say your last goodbye.

Night is when the razors and the walls are your only friend,
And you try so hard not to bend.
Because you know once you start,
You’re going to break apart.
Just another thought, just another cut.
Just another thing that makes you seem like a nut.

Day time.
Day time is when your demons disappear,
And you’re left alone with no one near.
Day time is when your fears come to life,
And hurt you just like a knife.
You get up with that fake smile on your face,
And try to find your rightful place.

Day time.
Your smile begins to fade,
As it has been for the last decade.
And you begin to realize your place,
Is with the stars in outer space.
A knife should do the trick,
And it only takes one nick.

Eternity is the place where you belong,
As you’ve secretly known all along.
Your body’s no longer with you,
But that is not an issue.
Up in outer space,
You have taken your rightful place.

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