Unknowingly Caught, Pulled over and Humiliated

Well, Friday was certainly an eventful day. 

For one, it was the start of a very frantic weekend to which is the last one I get off from work probably until my Mother and Husbands birthday – 21-23 May. 

Starting out, I was pulled over.  Not only that but I was pulled over directly in front of the street I turn on to head home with absolutely NO idea as to why.  I was going 33 in a 30 zone, I used my turn signal (both) and even used them when exiting the traffic circle which frankly, no one does.  I was then getting directed by the Police Officer to pull in further since his ass end was hanging out in traffic which I could not tell nor hear since I have some pretty awful hearing.  I literally had to get out of my car to hear him tell me to pull up.  Also, I scratched the bottom of the front-end since the spot where I pulled up into to allow the Officer to get out safely. 

Moving on with the story; He proceeds to do what all Officers do when they pull someone over and ask that your hands stay where they can see them, License and Registration (but did not ask for proof of insurance which struck me as strange) and asked where I was coming from which, at the time was work.  He was a nice man, but I was nervous considering I had no idea why I was pulled over.

He came back after I handed him everything he had asked for and explained that my registration was expired.  Thinking (or not) that the registration was inspection, I started flipping my lid since I had no idea my registration or insurance was out.  Well, needless to say he gave me a ticket stating that I have 5 days to get the issue or in this case, issues fixed and then mail the card to the Dover Police Station.  Either that or I would have to drive there to get it inspected.


Well, needless to say, it wasn’t that easy.  When attempting to explain to my Husband about what exactly happened and renewing my registration, I found out that our Insurance had expired.  (The issue is fixed now thankfully and all thanks to my Husband, Mother and Step-Father.)  After seeing that our insurance had expired, I had a major panic attack. 

#1 reason I cannot lose my license – My job requires you to be a valid holder of it.

#2 reason I cannot lose my license – I have to travel to Fort Meade, MD sporadically for my Drill weekends and Annual Training Days which would greatly affect my family and my Husband. 

#3 reason I cannot lose my license – I would allow the company to reposes my vehicle considering that I do not see the point in paying for one that I cannot drive.  I love my Ford Fusion!

When Tom came home, I was crying and just a mess.  I have been pulled over a great many a times, thought never in my Fusion.  It was always in the 93′ Foxbody Mustang.  I have never received a ticket nor found out that I have basically been driving not-to-standards in a sort for quite some time.  My Husband was also shocked.

Anyways, we got the problem fixed (both the Insurance and the Registration) and needless to say, it ruined my weekend.  No, I am not afraid of P.O’s but I do respect them highly.  It was a very frightening experience and one that I am not proud of but am not afraid to admit to. 

I am now Insured and have a brand new registration sticker for my beautiful car. 

I guess that is everything!

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