Wk 1: Day 5 Tuesday

Today I watched a video on youtube about diversity in mental health. The video was called ‘Kwame McKenzie: Diversity and Mental Health’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgeNgYhSsME

Through this video I learnt that not every culture recognises mental illness as thing. As McKenzie stated, some cultures don’t even have a word for ‘depression’. Some cultures look at mental illnesses such as depression as weak. 

Cultural barriers to mental health include: recognition- some people don’t recognise mental health as it is not accepted as a problem in their culture. Who is the right person to treat it- practitioners, religious people e.g. priests. 

A fear of racism can actual cause mental health problems as people expect to be discriminated against. 

I also learnt about ways cultures deal with depression such as rituals and naturopatic remedies.  


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