Day 67 – Sick day, job application

Monday, May 2nd 2016

So, today has a been a sick day. Either I caught a cold or I have bad allergies. I am not entirely sure. It could be a mixture of both, but I think I should try to go to school tomorrow anyway or wake up and see how I am at least.

I woke up around 8:50 and then watched YouTube until normally my 1st period would be done, so art, and started working on my math around 10. I redid all my homework and I still got some answers wrong, don’t know why, but I think I got the basic understanding of it to get me in the 70s, which is average and fine with me, cause I normally get 70s and already I’m getting 80s in other classes, so overall, it’d be pretty good.

I also worked on some other stuff such as English, but just a little. I didn’t do anything else and I should’ve worked on art, but for some reason I really don’t want to analyse it. I find it kinda useless, you know? Plus we painted something that was supposed to be full of symbolism, but we’re not analyzing it. I mean, why? We should be analyzing that instead! I’ll just do what the teacher told me and if she says it’s wrong, I’ll tell her that’s what she told me and that it just isn’t fair. She’ll probably give me more time.

Other than that, played a lot of Town of Salem and watched YouTube. I managed to retain my anger a little in the game, but there are people in this game that are sometimes completely just… UGH. I mean, they make us lose the game completely. That’s why I want to enter the rank game soon and get my 50th round so I don’t have to worry about people (town members) who just screw up the whole game and make us lose. If I’m mafia or serial killer, then of course they aren’t screwing up, because I’m their enemies, but I mean as if I’m also a town member and they just vote cause one person is like “that person is evil! kil hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim” and then they vote for him when the accuser is clearly jester or a really bad serial killer or mafia. *sigh* This game, this game… I love the mafia game in real life and I love this game cause it’s exactly like mafia, but with roles that actually matter, so everyone can do something and are not just a town member that can only vote, it’s just a pain that some players are just oblivious to everything. I suppose it’s the same for every game, though.

Oh, I got asked for a job by my uncle! I’d be a helper and it’s a really good pay, but I’d be working five days a week for the summer, which I’m totally cool with honestly. The first two weeks of summer is great, but then you get bored for not having anything to do. I don’t invite friends over a lot and I don’t really go out, so I find summer boring at times and I kinda start missing school cause I would be occupied, or at least a less bored. If I get the job, I’d be able to save up for the things I want and for college, and I’d be occupied for the summer. Plus I can tell my boss later on and be like “I got two weeks of summer left and I want to get ready for school, is it alright if I can stop working for now and continue next summer?” If I get the job and he likes me, of course.
   Speaking about jobs, I’m sure I didn’t get the other one. Didn’t get contacted. I was under-qualified anyway, but for this one I have my uncle to reference me, plus the boss wants girls cause he needs diversity in the workplace and I didn’t say this, he said that girls do the job a lot better.

That’s all for today.

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