Day 68 – Another sick day

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016

Today was alright, I skipped school again cause of my allergies/cold; still not sure what it is and it frustrates me that I don’t know what’s wrong with my system. I really have to go to school tomorrow though, to catch up. I’ve got some art work done at least, analyzing and all that stuff.

I woke up early anyway, because I was going to see if I was well enough for school, turns out not, but I feel a little better now. Nose is still annoying, but I’m not tired, yet not energetic. I also asked Kohai to ask my friend if we had a science quiz this week, turns out we only have a test Tuesday. I was panicking for nothing; what a sigh of relief.
   I watched some YouTube videos for a while and then around nine I started taking notes from YouTubers on how to start a YouTube channel. I’m really interested in starting one (even though I have started many… cringy ones for let’s plays), but I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet. I already have a name, but I’m not gonna share it in case someone takes it and manages to get 100 subscribers to make their custom URL. Maybe… Maybe YouTube would be a fun thing to do to practice animation and keep me motivated. I need social media to keep me motivated, such as this website for example has made me continue writing journal entries. I’m to 67 without missing a day (except one I think, and coming close) and it’s so much compared to my other journals that I kept for around a week at most! Plus, it doesn’t feel like a chore, unless I’m just not in the mood to write, cause I’m really tired or I’ve exhausted it before.
   It was about ten when I was done, so I went on my computer and watched YouTube until 11:20 until I saw my classmates were working on our English project. I decided to help, they were probably wondering why I was on the Google Slide document and not sitting next to them at school (they probably figured it out I was sick), but just went on with their work anyway. Then I ate an… interesting lunch. My mom tried to make these eggs and ham thing (forgot the name) that my grandmother did for the funeral that was very good, but the way she did it wasn’t the same and I didn’t like it as much. The crust or whatever was very odd tasting. It was probably only that, but I don’t think I could taste the eggs and ham all that much anyway. Grandmothers’ food always taste better. It’s just a fact. I think it’s because it’s different from what you’re used to eating every day.
   I did my art analyzing for a while and sent my teacher and email asking for what to do, and finally I know exactly what I have to do. People kept giving me mixed directions and I was so confused. I loved how I messaged her being all formal-like, then she responds like “yes. I sent you the documents in google classroom”. Why did I even try? Haha.

I watched a lot of drag queen videos. I don’t know why? I guess it was because I was watching Shane Dawson imitating them and talking about Zachary Quinto and how he was a jerk to him, and that’s surprising for me, cause I like Zachary Quinto (not my top actor, but still good as Sylar and Spock, right?). Matthew Santoro seems to be going down the same path in some way and Toby Turner has already and is a completely different person then I thought he was. People aren’t always what you think they are on camera.
   Speaking about Shane and Zachary Quinto, I really want to watch The Chair, but you have to pay and I don’t got the money. If I get a job for the summer, then sure I’ll pay, but for now I only get allowance from my parents every month, which isn’t a lot for a teenager.
   Going back to the drag queen stuff, at first I was like “What am I even watching?” then just… the roasts against each other… They’re really good. That’s all I gotta say.

I was gonna go to the dollar store and get my mother a gift card of mother’s day, but I decided not to go cause I don’t look the greatest at the moment after being sick for a few days and all. I’m gonna watch X Company later and fangirl over Alfred and Harry. I’m getting into this dilemma that I had with Sherlock and Moriarty, where I can’t pick my favourite character. If I had to kill one and save the other, I just don’t know. Alfred is still a little higher than Harry, but Harry is like, a hair close to Alfred. And I think Moriarty is a hair higher than Sherlock, but even then, if I had to pick one for each couple, I wouldn’t be able to.

I’m just playing Town of Salem now, so gonna do that for a bit until I take a shower.

That’s all for today.

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