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I have attended my usual lecture of management skills today. This lecture was important to my topic because the guest lecture has came talking about emotional intelligence. I have gain more understanding about what emotional intelligence is, and she has said that more researchers are still doing the research more about emotional intelligence.  i have understand that emotional intelligence have been a significance impact in the workplace of and organization. The reason is that emotional intelligence has played a big role because it has a significant impact on being a leader. If you can influence people in a good emotions the ones getting influence will be a bigger person ahead with positive action giving the highest productivity as possible. The guest lecturer told us that, we should express the right emotions to someone at a right time without expressing the negative emotions. For example, if the lecturer is explaining to the students and the students is nit listening do not shock them or yell at them which could make them embarrassed. But the lecturer should just talk to them quite and tell them to be quite for awhile but without expressing the negative emotion. Use and express more emotion so people could understand you more weather you are happy or  sad so that your friend or workmate could interact or support you at a right time with a suitable emotion.

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