My Impractical Jokers dream

I had a weird dream where I was playing hide and seek with the Impractical Jokers at the camp I go to. I found Sal in the green pump house near the reckhall hill then him & I teamed up. We checked near the bathhouse. I swung from a tree branch to look for Joe, Murr and Q but they were nowhere to be found. I jumped down and we went inside the bath house.  Joe had his phone lit up playing music in one of the bathrooms, Q had his phone doing the same in the other bathroom. Sal kicked the boys bathroom door in yelling “I KNOW YOU’RE IN  THERE BITCH YOU BETTER NOT SCARE ME I WILL PUNCH YOU.” Q was hiding between the soda machine and the candy machine so when I kicked the girls bathroom open, he poked my leg and I jumped. Q crawled out, laughing, then apologized before giving me a hug. Joe wasn’t in either bathroom. I turned around and he was laying on the washing machine covered by a bunched up blanket. We found Murr asleep in the reckhall. Round two, I decided to team up with Q to find Sal, Murr and Joe. Joe was hidden in the treehouse part of the swing set. Murr was laying on the bathhouse roof. Sal was hiding in my dads loft. Round 3 consisted of Q teaming up with me again. We found Sal on the dock laying there. He said he was hoping no turtles or fish would jump up out of the water at him. Joe was hiding on my golfcart in someones yard and Murr was laying on a picnic table outback where the pigs and goats were. 

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