My Love Story

11:09pm, 5-3-16

     My husband is in the Navy. I miss him every second we aren’t together. I know when he deploys in January itll just get even harder. I definitely look up to the military wives that already have their spouses deployed. not being able to see him for a month is horrible enough. So our story begins 2011. We we’re freshman in high school. He sat in front of me with a Vans black and white checkered backpack. He was a skateboarder and played guitar. He also was a football player. I finally got the courage one day and asked him: “Hey Nick can you play One by Metallica on your guitar?” He just replied and said ” yeah? that’s easy.” We dated and I would watch him and his friends play football at lunch or do what was called “The GAme of Skate” on their skateboards. Then, it started going downhill or what you would call “downhill” for a 16 year old. He moved away, the distance between us was about and hour away. It was the beginning of our Sophomore year. We dated for 2 years and 9 months. We broke up the middle of our junior year. I got selfish and just wanted someone I could be with all the time and se at school like before. So we didn’t talk or anything for about 4 years. I messaged him and said ” Hey.” We met up 2-14-16 after 4 years of not seeing each other it was the absolute best feeling in the world. I was so nervous and very excited at the same time. It was like we never broke up. Nicholas proposed to me 2-20-16 and we got married 3-9-16. Life will get difficult because, he is in the US Navy. I know he is my “one and only.” I will wait for him until he returns home. I will do everything to stay positive and keep my head held high. I love him more than anything. He is my bestfriend, my smile, my world. I will promise to keep our love strong no matter what. 


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