One True Love

It was a beautiful period, the time we met. We were friends first. Our days went by teasing each other, helping out in our assignments, group outtings and so on. We were perfect, as friends, with understanding, loyalty and faith. 

One day, out of no where, he confessed that he liked me. He stated that he fell in love. It wasn’t a dramatic proposal, neither a romantic one. It went like a normal friendly conversation. It felt like living in reality.

As days went by, my feelings changed. I knew i started liking him and soon We were in love, a love so real that I felt like I found my soulmate. 

He was everything I imagined my dream guy would be. He never pampered me. He didn’t spoil around with me. He was my match. My perfect match. We could understand each other without words. We gave love as much as we received. We never had a romantic date, but we had lots of romantic memories, romantic moments. Not once, did I feel dramatic with him. It felt real.

He never stood any nonsense from me. We had our equal amount of fights as we had our joy. It was having a friendship, with fire. It was a long distant relationship, but none could be closer with him like me. None could know him well like I did. 

He made me feel the way I wanted to feel. I had the life that every girl wanted. To be treated as dad’s princess and a boy’s Queen. Yes, I felt like a queen with him. We were interlocked in levels that words can’t describe. He was my better half. 

But fate, as much as we want to be together, our situation wouldn’t let us. Our families will never accept us, and so we had to leave each other. We still struggle to do that, waiting patiently, clinging on every hope, that someday we might become man and wife. 

I had a life, a dream come true life. If God’s grace upon us, he will be mine forever.

– loving soul. 

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