I think of people like geodes and stones

On the outside you can’t tell which is which if the person hasn’t chipped the outside away

A stone can become a geode

Once a stone becomes a geode, it can’t be a stone again

We’re all born stones

I became a geode when I was saved

Being a geode doesn’t mean you are immune to life

It just means when it’s time to go

The mineral inside

(Unique in it’s own way)

Shines through to reach up to the sun


When I first became a geode

No one could really tell the difference

Although I could

I began to chip away at the outside

Suddenly I took a fall

A long tumble

I did not chip away on my outside

But the inside shown bright

My outside stayed hard and blank

When I finally stopped falling

I changed

My outside chipped and chipped

I grew


Now I am a bare geode

But I have so much more to fix

I have to polish myself now

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