So lame

A bunch of silent voices screaming to be heard. I should be studying for finals, but I find myself passive-aggressively here. There is no where I can go to write out how I feel that’s private. Perhaps that’s why I’m so stubborn, don’t take last names and hate when anyone touches my stuff. I have no sacred space, if you will. 

All of us writing out our problems. Just to get things off of our chest. To perhaps feel better or have someone comment that they too feel the same. Talking in person seems so last year. Perhaps talking online is what society needs. Loud conversations turn to clicks on the keyboard. The hope of well thought out sentences and sometimes correct grammar (I know I’m really guilty) makes more sense then words as they come to us in normal conversation. They also tend to have more bite. 

I hate that I cannot afford the life I want to live and due to my own stupid choices. I’m trying to correct that now. And by correct that I meant dive even  deeper into self denial and smoking. Because thats what responsible adults do. We crumble. I haven’t studied for finals. I blew it off because that’s just what I do. I’m tired. I’m hungry. I lost my stupid sunglasses and my cat broke my favorite mirror. I feel sick, dark, angry. Cheers to everyone else and maybe I’ll sleep and feel better. 

One thought on “So lame”

  1. Wait! You can’t study! That normal.
    You feel sick dark and angry because your cat broke your mirror, now this is something to worry about. I know you’re hungry but please spare your cat it was just an accident! Just kidding. I didn’t woke up today in the morning I had an important Quiz. I messed up so bad. This quiz cost me 10 percent of my total marks for the semester.

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