Stock assesment

If there is one thing that always irritates me it is trying to get rid your white cat hair from your clothes, especially shirts. Then again I don’t usually wear them.

Finished up important documents for universities, finally. Should’ve done them a long time ago, but my lazy part just wanted to do other things, or nothing at all.

Physical training is still hard – what did I expect on the second day.

If there is one thing that I’d like to tackle as soon as possible in my attempt to improve myself it would be my tendency to forget most random things. I’ve already bought a notebook to write down important information, and yet I’ve without fail forgot check it in the evenings, leading to some ridiculous shenanigans. Well at least today I didn’t. Maybe it’s because my computer screen is the only thing that stands out in my small room. It’s basically a 3mX3mX3m light blue concrete box where I have my black bed, a black work table, a black shelf, a black laptop and a green budgie parrot.

Well it contains all my belongings just fine, and Dypsius (the birds name) seems to be happy. If I could I would change the direction my window faces from west to east. I have to school in the morning so it wouldn’t bother me if the sun would shine then. It would also make birdie happy. Instead it just blinds me in the evening when I get back to work on my PC.

Actually getting back to the memory part, I always wanted to write a book concerning it. I already have most of the characters planed out, just the plot seem to fall flat at the times. I don’t expect much to come out of it – I certainly never planned to live on anything art related – but it should be fun nonetheless.

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