Thinking about dropping out of High School Due To Anxiety/Depression

Thinking about dropping out of school and just doing tutoring or an online school program. I’ve realized that the cause of my depression and social anxiety is because of my high school. There’s way too many students at my school not to mention really rude ones I know there’s rude people everywhere but having them all around you constantly with no escape? is just exhausting. A lot of kids laugh at me when I walk by because I’m very quiet I don’t like a lot of attention to be drawn to me I like being by myself they think it’s weird so they tease me and laugh at me,  just really immature stuff. I can’t really focus when there’s lots of people around me anyways. For example if I’m in class and working on classwork and there’s lots of student near me I get panicky I get all these negative thoughts in my mind that they’re looking at me, judging me secretly, I just can’t focus. I work better alone or with a one on one teacher, everyone has their own way of learning that’s how I learn alone or with a teacher. Also I get distracted a lot by what other students do like talking, texting, tapping their pencil against their desks, stuff like that it throws me off so easily. Another issue is teachers I tried opening up to them so many times but it goes out one ear and out the other they could care less they think I’m making excuses because I don’t want to be in school or be in class which is hilarious because in my medical records it says I do suffer from serve depression and social anxiety but of course they wouldn’t bother to check it out because they’re a lazy school system that does nothing.. so I feel like that’s my only option I’m failing every class and exams are coming up in June it’s May 3rd now there’s no way I’m going to catch up I have no choice but to drop out and start fresh. I can’t handle the stress anymore it’s much there’s only so much a human can take before they snap hopefully I won’t get to that point but I’m heading there..

2 thoughts on “Thinking about dropping out of High School Due To Anxiety/Depression”

  1. If your anxiety and depression prevents you from learning in a school environment and getting your education, homeschooling would be a good idea if one of your parents can take on that job or they could hire a private teacher, or taking an online school program works too, like you said. If those aren’t possible, you could try to find a smaller school in your area if there are any. Although it’s most likely not as severe, I can relate to you on a certain level when it comes to social anxiety. People would classify me as just “shy”, but I’m a little more than that, I just hide most of it, so I classify myself as just having a little social anxiety, probably because of my older brother who cannot be in crowds and had to be in a special program for two years of his high school, cause he couldn’t be in classes that had more than thirty people. I hope you will be able to pull through the year and find something that will work best with you.

  2. Hey, I understand what you are going through been there done that. You can also try getting your GED you can still have a future and go to college just not Yale or Harvard.

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