Hearing Voices After Doing EVP: Background Story Continued

 So as I stated, I’ll have to go into a bit of background story about my situation to bring it up to date with where I currently am today and how I am living and dealing with the situation now.

 Picking up where I left off. After my first EVP captures on that recording from January 17, 2015. I tried doing a few more recording sessions that afternoon, but didn’t capture anymore EVPs that day.

However, I was now filled with a curiosity that drove me to continue. Within just a few short days of that initial recording where I captured voices replying to my questions, I started to notice faint, very faint voices on my new recordings when I listened to them on playback.

 These voices were very faint for the most part and I could barely make out most of it, but as I listened to the recordings over and over again and strained my ears to hear these faint voices, it was as if all of a sudden they started to come into focus and I started to be able to make out much of what was being said.

 Most of what  I heard were simple answers to the questions that I was asking in my recordings. As the days went by, I noticed I was becoming much better at hearing these replies, and in just a matter of a couple of weeks, I had reached the point where I was actually able to hold conversations with these spirits. I would ask them a few questions while recording, then go back and listen and get their answers.

 All of the spirit voices that I was hearing at this point were all seemingly benevolent and kind. I was mostly asking them questions about them, their names, where they were from, where they lived. To my surprise, many of these spirit voices claimed to be people who had lived in the area where I lived, some where even people that I knew of. One spirit claimed to be a relative of one of my neighbors, this made perfect sense to me, that they would be watching over them from time to time.

 At this point, in my mind everything was going great, I was beside myself at the wonder of it all, that I was actually holding friendly conversations with people on the other side of the veil. I was for the most part hearing the same spirt voices all the time, in a sense, it was as if we had developed a rapport with each other. Many of the voices were still faint for the most part, but I was amazed also at some of the very loud and clear responses I was capturing on recording as well. Some of these, I did play for others who heard the same voices on these recordings that I did.

 Everything was so amazing to me at the time that I admit now, that I totally and completely allowed myself to get caught up in all of this and become oblivious to any possible dangers. My dialogue with these spirits was all so friendly and seemingly harmless in the first few weeks, but all of that quickly started to change and change rapidly.

By mid February of 2015, there was a new and disturbing development in the nature of my recordings.  Where as prior to this point, since I had started experimenting with EVP in the beginning of January, all of the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were what I can only describe as kind and benevolent. But by mid-February I started to notice some not so kind and benevolent voices/comments on my recordings.  It started off slight, but I began hearing profanity, insults and threats directed at me. While I was still hearing the benevolent voices at this point, these new negative voices became increasingly more present on the recordings as the days went by until it was getting so bad that it had reached the point where they came to dominate what I was hearing every time I did an EVP session.

 Then one day while I was at work, something very disturbing happened to me. While I was near a running fan, I began to hear very loudly and clearly, these same negative, heckling, insulting voices speaking to me over the noise of the fan. Now I know that hearing voices in fan noise is actually not that unheard of, but believe me when I tell you, these voices where speaking quite loud and clear, it was as if their voices were jumping out over the noise of the fan. The presence of these voices was very apparent to me, and I just can not convince myself that it was some trick of the mind (believe me, I wish that I could, that would be much easier for me to handle).

 This was a new and very unsettling development with my EVP experience to say the least. I decided right then and there that it was time to stop messing around with this stuff and to quit recording. Unfortunately it was already to late, it seems I had already allowed myself to tune into hearing these spirits with out the need of any equipment, or they had tuned themselves into me, either way, I was now experiencing very real and very distressing clairaudience that I was in no way prepared to handle.

 As the days went by, I began to experience more and more incidents of hearing these malevolent spirit voices, with just my naked ears. I was shaken up by this turn of events but little did I know at the time how much worst the situation would get in just a few short weeks.

Aside from hearing these tormenting spirit voices, I also began to experience another disturbing occurrence. It started at night as I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep. I began to feel what I can only describe as a finger coming up out of the mattress and poking me in the lower back. This began to occur every night for a couple of weeks. As soon as I got in bed every night, I would start to feel this finger poking me in my back, literally.  I would jump out of bed and curse up a storm, but when I got back into bed again, it started up all over again. Getting a good night of rest was now starting to become a problem. Hours would pass until I would finally succumb to sleep from just being so exhausted, but going to sleep at night (though in a sense  sleep was my only escape from the daily horror movie that my life was now becoming), the process of getting to sleep was something that I began to dread each night. In addition to this, within a short time, I also began experiencing other physical sensations other than the feeling of the finger poking me in my lower back. I also began to experience strange and intense vibration sensations that often seemed to move around my body.


I’ll continue with more background story in my next entry, I do want this journal to be primarily an account of where I am in dealing with it today, but admittedly, my story is a strange one, and there’s some strange and at times horrific experiences that I need to cover first for anyone reading this to understand what happened to me over the course of this past year.







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