Help me! I’m confused

Today is 5/4/216 and it is currently 10:09 am.

I am …IDK what I am actually.I feel confused.

I realized that I fall for people way to easy,I’d rather sleep than go out with friends,or I’d rather sit around and watch life pass me by then do something active with my life. 

I guess I’ve just hit that point in my life where I just am done with everything.Like i don’t feel sad but i guess i act sad.Idk this is why it’s confusing because IDK what i want to do anymore or who i want to be with.I feel like I’m choking,and my brain can’t even process one thought.This is all crazy to me.I feel like I’m stuck and the more i try to move things get worse(like quicksand).I want to get my life together but it’s like my head is a ball of resistance at this point and I’m trying so hard but i don’t think i can come back from this one.I quit i give up I’m  exhausted i put way to much time into thinks to get nothing in return and i hate it so much it pisses me off.


People tell me to ask god for help but i don’t  trust in god.Here let me put it where you guys understand it.

I believe there is a god but don’t believe the commandments and the things he has done  for us i guess.

It’s complicated to explain 

I feel like I’m just rambling on and on.

I just want somewhere to go where i can escape all of these thoughts.

Well what should i do  

3 thoughts on “Help me! I’m confused”

  1. It is something everyone goes through at least once in their lifetime.
    You believe in God but you don’t believe in what you here about him in the holy books.

    You seek peace of heart but you can’t find a way to do so.

    Get up way early in the morning before the sun rises. Go out a watch the sky turn from black to blue. This whole universe was created for you. All the stars in the sky were put there for you to see. If you believe in God then believe in what he has created. He created everything for a purpose and you have to find yours.

    If you fall for people easily then just just choose the right person to fall for take your time observe them, just a tip if you really want to see what a persons true nature is then observe them when they are angry. Anger brings out the real self of a person.

    If you prefer sleeping over friends then it means it is time to change friends. Here where I live there is saying “A person is what his friends are”. If you don’t want to be with them then it means you don’t want to be like them.

    Be tough ’cause “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

  2. Hi,

    Maybe therapy would be helpful? Group therapy is cool because you can talk to people who are going through similar things as you. It’s nice to get a second, unbiased opinion about whether you’re doing okay or not. You seem frustrated with how your feeling so maybe discussing what is possibly going on and why you feel that way could help, and also how to change feeling that way. But don’t give up…even when you’re down to your wits end you have not given everything a shot. There is always something new to try. Take a risk on trying even when you feel you’re done 🙂 It can also be scary to trust God regardless of what you do/don’t believe about him. Give him a shot too 🙂 at least give him a chance to prove it to you, maybe you’ll be surprised

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