I came to many realizations today!

Today I came to many realizations.

People will always comment on you what ever you do.
To make someone realize what you are doing is right you have to talk to them.
I have to make money now!
People will use flattery to make you work for them.

I went to university for Linear Algebra lecture but Mam didn’t came today. I used to have two lectures today
I have droped 1 subject.

I went to library today ,saw a thesis which was written in 1950 and was last issued on 1958
I don’t want to do anything that will end up like that thesis.

We are having a major money crisis now a day.

I just remembered something that I must mention here before I forget…
When we were working on our own little farm we leased some land with fields
of …don’t have a word for them in english, feed, for cows. It was inside the land where a marrage hall was being constructed
so there was a guard.

He was old and he had moved to lahore with his wife he was earning Rs.12 thousand montly that nearly 120 dollar and his house rent was Rs 3000
if I remember correctly he asked me about any place he could rent in Naaz town and that is how our conversation

He had a fight with his son years ago and he hadn’t talked to him ever since. I talked to him and told him that he
was old now and he needed his sons support I told him he that Prophet Muhammad had said that you can’t stay angry at someone
for more then three days and its been years. Then I told him about our situation, my dad had invested nearly half of the money he had on the farm
and things weren’t looking so good, we sold the farm a few month after that.

I told the old guy that we had taken loan from a relative and now a days we are living on the money we got after my mom sold her jewelery.

He got too attached to me. After a few days I saw that he was at peace, before that he alwasy looked tense. I never asked me if he had talked to
his son. He would always talk to me smiling and happy.

Little things can change people a lot. I will remember him, I want to remember him, as the old man who good his smile back because of me. I never met him
after we sold the farm.

I’ve been keeping a journal for a year now but today is my first day writting an online journal.

OH! Also today I wrote the ending thankyou speach for the President of sports society ’cause I am a content writer for the society. Today was the award ceremony
for the this years sports festival.

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